Work with us

We always strive to keep our community of both staff and students as diverse as possible in the area of ethnicity. Therefore we welcome people of all ethnic and racial backgrounds to work with us so long as they agree with our evangelical doctrinal stand point. Our brief doctrinal statement is found at this LINK. 

If you have a M.Th. degree or a doctoral degree from an accredited seminary or university, feel free to get in touch with us by clicking at the Contact page at the top right menu. We are also in need of a well-qualified librarian, preferably holder of B.Lib. Science and we would not mind even if you are a little advance in years,  with at least two years of experience in a seminary library. Feel free to get in touch with us either by going to the Contact page or by calling us at the number given at the  footer of this page.

We are seriously involved in training and molding lives of young people and we are in need of more hands at the moment. Send us your resume by contacting us.