About Us

About Us

The Evangelical College of Theology was initially started in fulfillment of the vision and recommendation of Rev.Howard B. Dinwiddie, General Secretary of North East India General Mission US Homeboard,who visited the infant churches in Manipur, Mizoram and erstwhile Burma in 1927  and died at Champhai during his short visit. They found a note he has written that was about the need of a Bible School. The Dinwiddie Memorial Bible Institute was founded at Lakhipur in 1928 which was later shifted to Churachandpur (now Old Churchand) in 1930.

It was discontinued for some time but re-opened with Rev. Paul Rostad as the Principal who was instrumental in establishing the Bible School with strong Evangelical foundation. With its ups and downs it was continued as Dinwiddie Memorial Bible School with the local dialects as the medium of instructions. It was upgraded at the Bachelor of Theology level in English Medium in 1988 and M.Div degrees are also introduced in 1999.

This institution has been instrumental in keeping the Evangelical faith. To say that it has been the backbone of the Evangelical churches in Manipur would not be an exaggeration. More and more denominations begin to recognize the seminary. Today we have students coming from more than twenty denominations and associations.

The name of the College was changed into Evangelical College of Theology and upgraded upto the Master of Divinity level and accredited by the Asia Theological Association. The emphasis of the College is mission and pastoral Ministry with special attention to the contextual need. We are committed to excellence in academic as well as personal and spiritual development.

Our Master of Divinity and Bachelor of Theology programs are accredited by  Asia Theological Association and our Master of Theology (Missiology) is associated with Martin Luther Christian University.

Our Managing Board is drawn from the constituent Presbyteries of ECCI as our College is the main ministry of the denomination.

We are registered with the Government of Manipur and our registration Number is R.No.8.CCP-M/SR/1994.

The following is a list of the Principals:

  1. REV. PAUL ROSTAD                                                      1928-1944, 1947-1950
  2. REV. LALTHANLIANA                                                    1944-1947, 1950-1951
  3. REV. ROYAL C PADDOCK                                                                  1951-1953
  4. REV. NENGZACHIN                                                                            1953-1969
  5. REV. K. SINGSON                                                                                1969-1976
  6. REV. G HATLANG                                                                                1976-1980
  7. REV. S GANGTE                                                                                   1980-1981
  8. REV. K T AMOS B.A., M. Div.                                                              1981-1992
  9. REV. THANGCHUNGNUNG B.A., B. D. M. Th.                                 1992-1993
  10. REV. DR. KH. KHAIZAKHAM B.A., B.D. M. Th., D. Miss.                 1993-2013
  11. REV. HUOLTHANGSEI THIEK     B.A., B. D. M. Th.                           2013-2015
  12. REV. DR. T. JAMKHOTHANG HAOKIP M.A., B. D., M.A.R., Ph. D.  2015-2017
  13. REV. DR. LALROSIEM SONGATE M.A., B.D., M. Th., Ph. D.    2017- TILL DATE