Admission Procedure:

We welcome candidates who are born again, committed to serve God in diverse ministries, and intending to work hard for self-improvement. Our academic years starts in mid July and therefore intending candidates must submit their completed admission forms to the Registrar before the end of June. Kindly contact us for specific dates or check our calendar page. The following is a list of pertinent information relating to admission procedure.

  1. Entrance examination is conducted after completing all the formal application forms. Candidates must pass the examination in English, General Knowledge and Bible Knowledge.
  2. Knowledge of English is essential as it is the only medium of teaching and communication within the College.
  3. Leaders from the candidate’s denomination must fill out the reference form indicating the candidate’s eligibility for study.
  4. A medical certificate from a medical doctor indicating that the candidate is healthy enough to withstand the strains of seminary studies.
  5. A testimony written in the candidate’s own handwriting should be included.
  6. Transfer students must bring their complete transcripts and a No Objection Certificate from the institute they come from.
  7. English is the medium of instruction. Therefore the candidate must have a working knowledge of the language.
  8. Admission datelines varies every year. Please contact us for specific dates.

Application Form for Admission is available for download. Please CLICK HERE to download the Form