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Do you not say, ‘Four months more and then the harvest’? I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest! (John 4:35)

With its 1.21 billion population and only with 3% of them reached with the Gospel, India poses one of the greatest challenge as far as evangelism is concern. Added to this is the growing anti-Christian feelings, the religious diversity and the political unrest from all fronts which make the task of evangelizing India a formidable one.

It is under such situation Evangelical College of  Theology is committed to training men and women who have responded to the call of God and preparing themselves to face this huge challenge in their effort to expand God’s kingdom here. Training men and women for Christian ministry is not cheap. We invite like-minded Christians with a heart for the one billion-plus people of India to help us train and raise missionaries. There are mainly four ways  that one can support and have a part in this important ministry.

First, you can be a prayer partner. Commit yourself and your family to pray at least once a week for the Evangelical College of Theology. Pray for the staff as they are God’s instruments in training the students. Pray for the students as they may be well equipped both academically and spiritually for the task of evangelizing India.

Second, you can financially support one of the faculty members. We set an average of $200 a month to support one faculty member. The Seminary has its own pay scale with varying amounts. Your support money will be supplemented according to the pay scale of the particular faculty. To see a list of the faculty members please   CLICK HERE.

Third, you can donate towards students’ scholarship. Many of our students do not have financial resources to be trained and often approach our Office with their needs. We invite donors to donate towards students’ scholarship. A total of $75 is enough to pay for the training expenses of one student for a month.

Fourth, you can also donate funds towards books for Library, Computers and Laptops for Office and also towards the general maintenance of the Seminary and its campus.

If the Lord has spoken to your heart and wishes to be a part of raising God’s army to help evangelize this great nation of India you may get in touch with us by going to the   CONTACT   page and getting in touch with us. You can also send an email at or snailmail us at:

The Principal,
Evangelical College of Theology
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Nehru Marg, Rengkai
Manipur, India.
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