Financial Information

In a country like India, Christianity concentrates mainly among the poor and downtrodden people. Generally those who come forward to serve God in full-time ministry and seeking for admissions in institutions like ours are generally from poor family background with a genuine need for financial assistance.

One of the best ways we do to help such candidates is to reduce the fees as much as we can. This reduction of the fees has affected us in the general administration of the institutions to such an extent that we have difficulty in having adequate funds for our day today administration expenses.

To view or download the current fee structure please CLICK HERE. Please understand that our fees keep changing according to the market rates. You may want to verify the actual fees with the finance office.

We believe that a student or a student's parents and the church that the student belongs, as stakeholders in his/her future ministry should play a role in the theological education of a student. The most important role that they can play is in the area of finance. However, there are students whose parents are without any source of income and we do not want such students to be deprived of their education. We therefore introduced a Work Scholarship program that will enable the student to earn at least 20 to 30 percent of their annual fees through this program. To know more about this Work Scholarship program pleas CLICK HERE.